You know you’re a mid-size business when…

Dassault.falcon900.cs-dfh.arp (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You have at least 3 Brians working for you, forcing you to use last name initials whenever referencing one. “Invite Brian K. and Brian J. to the meeting, but not Brian S.”

At least 30% of your desk is covered in Porsche brochures.

The kind people at NetJets have you almost convinced that your cat food business can’t survive without fractional ownership of a jet.

Your banker knows the name of your spouse.

You realize that Salesforce is not quite as awesome as you thought.

Akamai sales people are calling you at home.

Private equity firms keep sending you tickets to pre-season hockey games. What, are basketball tickets too expensive?

RepublicanĀ fundraisersĀ keep inviting you to support their candidates.

Your assistant has an assistant.

When you hear the term “exit strategy” you no longer think of fire escapes.

Your company’s nescafe budget is more than what you paid yourself the first year you started the company.