Where are the mobile app experts?

Building a mobile app can be a difficult pursuit for rookies. There are many online mobile app resources to teach and help construct the infrastructure for one’s first mobile application. However, although individuals newer to the mobile app business might need tools such as online app builders to get started, it would be surprising to discover that technology companies who claim to specialize in app building services, have never built a fully functional app of their own. Yet this does seem to be the case. A recent study carried out by Telerik State of Mobile Development conducted a survey on 3,000 IT professionals, discovering 57% of developers had never truly gotten their hands dirty to build an actual app. Albeit considered “professionals”, the issues of constantly changing technology have prevented many from mastering the trade.

Although this could be a product of the fast-paced evolution of technology, other constraints may also play a role. Many of the newer start-ups are run by young professionals in their early 20s. Given the infancy stages of these developers’ careers, many have not been in the field long enough to build up the dexterity to aptly acclimate to new technology.

While the discovery of this deficiency in mobile app specialization might highlight a lucrative market that has yet to be fully exploited (i.e. app building tools for professionals), there is some caution in expanding this business. The more online mobile app builders, the more likely we will see less original, more ubiquitous user designs. Albeit efficiency, the artistry of the development and originality that gives each application it’s unique, slick look and user-tailored interface could potentially become extinct. Similar to what has been seen to the art of website design as Weebly, WordPress, and Wix’s build-it-yourself website model has infiltrated the World Wide Web in the most recent years.

But, alas, there is hope as there are still highly skilled mobile app developers who do in fact know a thing or two about a thing or two (or three, or four). To stand out from the masses and maintain your app’s competitive edge among the sea of apps that consumers are inundated with on the daily, look for a mobile app professional with a hearty portfolio, years of experience and wisdom in the field. This will generally verify they have not only perfected their craft, but most likely have been able to constantly stay one step ahead of these every changing, ever ephemeral development tools.

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