Top 10 Signs That You’ve Hired the Wrong Developer

1- “Yes, I program Java. I use the Angular.” Uh oh… Run for the hills, this person is not a developer. You should be impressed that s/he was able to send you an email.

2- “I’m a full-stack engineer.” This one is tricky. Lots of people out there claim to be full-stack engineers, when in reality they only have some superficial knowledge of just a few things. A real full-stack engineer should be able to go from A to Z with deep knowledge about the front-end, the middle logic and the backend (including the data layer).

3- “I’m strictly a Rails developer.” I don’t think this one needs any further explanation as to why not to hire this person. So how do you identify this person? Easy, all they know is Ruby on Rails.

4- “The programming language that I know is the right tool for every job.” Different jobs require different tools. It is ok if your Dev doesn’t know every language out there, but it is not ok when they try to force and convince you that the only thing they know is the right tool for the job.

5- “I took a handful of CS classes at a very good university.” A good education is always a great plus, but it shouldn’t be all they are basing their experience on when attempting to be hired. Experience should be the most important badge. Some of the best programmers I know barely made it through high school (because all their time was devoted to programming at home).

6- “I’m an expert in jQuery, but I’ve never programmed in Javascript.” Yikes! jQuery is a JavaScript library! They may not look the same, but if you claim to be an expert in jQuery, you should also know JavaScript.

7. “What’s a Repo?” It’s that thing that’s going to save the thing you’re sitting on. Don’t ever let anyone mess with your code if they have no clue what a Repo is!

8. “What’s a data structure?” We are a data heavy company, so understanding how data is encapsulated in objects is extremely important.

9. “I’m known as a rebel amongst my colleagues. I get things done my own way.” There is no single right way to solve a problem, but there are countless wrong ways. Most times, programmers that take their own road, haven’t done the due diligence to find one of the many right roads.

10. “I always use these 12 frameworks when writing code.” Frameworks and libraries are nice and save us time, but a good developer needs to understand the basic inner workings of a language – How is memory managed? Which functions have heavy loads? etc. Frameworks obfuscate much of this information which can result in dangerous practices, especially when you’re trying to scale.