9 Signs That Your Meeting is Going to Suck

I’m no fan of meetings (you can read more about that here). Occasionally, they’re highly effective tools for communicating; usually, they’re time-sucking ego-fests where nothing gets done and nobody learns anything. Here are 9 tell-tale signs that your meeting is going to suck.

  1. Lunch has been ordered for all of the attendees; the meeting started at 9:00 am.
  2. The meeting is titled “How Salesforce Will Solve All Your Problems;” you’re in the IT department.
  3. The host is going to show everyone a keynote presentation; her laptop is a PC.
  4. The meeting is about business processes and how they can be improved; the host is a motivational speaker and the meeting is titled “If You Can Envision it, Then it’s Already Happened.”
  5. The meeting is scheduled for 4:30 pm on a Friday; the host is your recently-divorced CEO.
  6. The meeting is titled “New Marketing Strategies for 2013;” it’s hosted and organized by the IT department.
  7. There are 6 people in the meeting; three of them are board members that are just “sitting in.”
  8. The host has a portable disk drive with his multi-media presentation on it; he couldn’t fit the whole thing on a thumb drive.
  9. In-house counsel has decided to call a surprise meeting; as you step into the conference room, you see IT staff sneaking into your office.